Protection against all 16 potential faults

What are the differences between ordinary servers and Selfix Servers?

There are 16 things that could go wrong with any computer server.

The best, top-of-the-line servers usually offer protection against 2 of these events.   These servers start from around the cost of a Selfix Server and most, cost many times more, depending on the number of workstations, the brand and other factors.

Selfix Servers on the other hand, offer protection against all 16 potential faults that can interrupt your organization.  Even better, when something goes wrong with a Selfix Server all you need to do, to recover, is to follow the step-by-step checklist:

What can go wrong Ordinary Server Ordinary Solution Selfix Servers Selfix Solution
1.  Hard disk drive failure Yes   Yes Quick Fix 1
2.  Faulty power supply Yes   Yes  
3.  Motherboard No

When any of these faults appear on an ordinary server, you will need to call in a specialist.

In the meantime your people will be unable to work and your organization's productivity will suffer.

It is unlikely you will get back to normal for at least half a day, and it may even take several days.

4.  CPU No Yes  
5.  RAM No Yes  
6.  Network card No Yes  
7.  SCSI tape back up controller No Yes Quick Fix 2
8.  Hard disk drive controller No Yes  
9.  Mouse port and keyboard No Yes  
10. Serial ports for modems No Yes  
11. Parallel ports for printers No Yes  
12. Video Controller Card No Yes  
13. Lost BIOS settings No Yes  
14. System partitions No Yes  
15. Service configuration No Yes Quick Fix 3
16. Temporary user data No Yes  

Redundant System

All Selfix Servers come with a second high performance Selfix Backup Server.  This acts as insurance against Selfix Primary Server Failure.
At all other times, the Selfix Backup Server can function as an ordinary Workstation for one of your people.  Saving you even more money!

The Selfix Backup Server can also provide a level of protection from fire, theft and backup tape failure.

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