The best value for money

Selfix are the Best Value Servers available.

  1. No hidden costs
  • All inclusive. The price includes delivery, installation, training and on-going support.
  1. Lowest running costs
  • No hardware costs. Full hardware warranty backed by a leading manufacturer so you have protection from needing to buy expensive parts.
  • No maintenance costs. The server software is designed so anyone can re-instate a Selfix Server. Say farewell to expensive maintenance.
  • No consulting fees. Selfix Servers are the most cost effective solution to own. If you hate paying IT consultant fees then this is your solution.
  • No support costs. Free phone support for the life of the server.
  1. No consulting fees
  • If a technical fault develops your Selfix Server can recover quicker than any other server and in most cases without having to wait for a specialist to visit you.
  • Selfix servers come pre-loaded and configured with all the functionality that we can imagine your organization would ever need. This means that as you need these features you can just start using them. This avoids the costs and headaches of trying to co-ordinate the new work to be done to your ordinary server.
  1. Low purchase cost
  • Low Cost . Despite all the features, Selfix servers are very affordable.
  • Business Ready features: With normal servers you would need to pay extra for each of the features that come standard with your Selfix Server.
  • Better for Business . Some of the Selfix features are simply not even available in any other server system.
  • Fault Tolerant features: Competitive Servers offering a similar level of reliability are typically at least 5 times more expensive! Small/Medium Enterprises have not had access to this level of reliability prior to the release of Selfix Servers because they simply could not afford it.
  • Selfix Backup Server : Better still, each server you buy comes with a second high performance server that can normally be used as a workstation by you or one of your organisation's staff.
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