Selfix Servers hit the ground running

Business Ready

Ordinary Servers

When an ordinary server is purchased, it arrives with completely empty hard disk drives. From this point on, it has to be built up specifically for your organization. This may sound like a good idea because you then have to opportunity to get the server set-up exactly as you want. Unfortunately the reality is different.

Most organizations do not have the technical capability in-house (among their staff) to determine what they need from a server, so they depend on their computer consultants / specialists.  Because most specialists provide a fixed price quote for setting up the organization's server the incentive is there to set-up the minimum functionality required.  The intention is to set-up any additional functionality later, at additional cost to your organization, as you request it.

Selfix Servers

Selfix servers use a different philosophy.  We believe it is cheaper and easier to pre-configure all our servers to include all the functionality that the vast majority of organizations may ever need.  This means that Selfix Servers arrive pre-configured, loaded with functionality. Some of these features you will use straight away. Others you may begin using in the future. Regardless, the features are all there, the user manual describes them, and you are free to utilise them whenever you or any of the other people in your organisation, wish.

  1. Fully configured
Fully installed and configured . Ready to use. It is so simple:
  • You order your server
  • We deliver and set it up for you
  • We train you and your staff to access and make the most of it's integrated, Business Ready , features
  • We get a group of your staff to practice the recovery process so that any fault that occurs, regardless of the cause, can be quickly dealt with in-house without waiting for technical support.
  1. Designed for Australian business
These servers include all the functionality that we can imagine an Australian organisation with up to 50 workstations would ever need. Designed for business Selfix Servers come with a host of ready to use features that can improve your staff productivity.
  1. On-line user and training manuals
On-line user manual so that all your users can fully exploit the built-in features. Some other servers also come with useful features but unfortunately, unlike Selfix Servers, you need to be a wiz-kid to enable them and a professor to use them.


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