13 Unique Points of Differerence

Selfix Advantages in Detail.

Business Friendly
  1. Easier to buy
You buy it from your local retailer. We deliver and install it for you. You donít need to become an expert.
  1. No Risk
Money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
  1. Tried and tested
Used widely , by many organisations. It is very unlikely that you will need something that other organizations are not already doing successfully, with a Selfix Server.
Best Value for money
  1. No hidden costs
The price is fixed and includes delivery, installation, training and on-going support.
  1. Lowest running costs
Low Maintenance . Selfix Servers are the most cost effective solution because:
  • You avoid the cost of spare parts - Full hardware warranty backed by a leading manufacturer.
  • You avoid support costs - Selfix Servers come with free phone support for the life of the server.
  • You avoid on-going maintenance costs. The server software is designed so anyone can re-instate a Selfix Server. Say farewell to expensive maintenance.  
  • You avoid consulting costs - If you hate paying IT consultant fees then this is your solution because it comes complete with all the functionality you are likely to need at no additional cost.. 
  1. No consulting fees
If a technical fault develops your Selfix Server can recover quicker than any other server and in most cases without having to wait for a specialist to visit you
  1. Low purchase cost

Low Cost . Despite all the features, Selfix servers are very affordable.

Business Ready features: With normal servers you would need to pay extra for each of the features that are included as standard with Selfix Servers.  Some Selfix features are simply not even available in any other server system.

Fault Tolerant features: Competitive Servers offering a similar level of reliability are typically at least 5 times more expensive! Small/Medium Enterprises have not had access to this level of reliability prior to the release of Selfix Servers because they simply could not afford it.

Selfix Backup Server : Better still, each server you buy comes with a second high performance server that can be used as a workstation by you or one of your organization's staff.


Business Ready
  1. Fully configured
Fully installed and configured . Ready to use. It is so simple:
  • You order your server
  • We deliver and set it up for you
  • We train you and your staff to access and make the most of it's integrated, Business Ready , features
  • We get a group of your staff to practice the recovery process so that any fault that occurs, regardless of the cause, can be quickly dealt with in-house without waiting for technical support.
  1. Designed for Australian business
These servers include all the functionality that we can imagine an Australian organization with up to 50 workstations would ever need. Designed for business Selfix Servers come with a host of ready to use features that can improve your staff productivity.
  1. On-line user and training manuals
On-line user manual so that all your users can fully exploit the built-in features. Some other servers also come with useful features but unfortunately, unlike Selfix Servers, you need to be a wiz-kid to enable them and a professor to use them.


  1. Amazing reliability
Amazing Reliability .  Selfix Servers offer protection from all 16 things that can go wrong with a computer server. Normal, top-of-the-line servers protect against only 2 of these events. If you can not afford to have your servers go "down" you need Selfix with its robust architecture and advanced technology. We are aiming for 99.999% uptime.
  1. Quickest recovery
Speedy Recovery . A Selfix server can generally, fully recover (quickly and easily) from many faults that would incapacitate even the best servers of major brands.
  1. Easiest recovery
Easy Recovery . Selfix servers can recover without the intervention of a technician. The process is so easy that you can do it yourself.  Just follow the pictures Step-by-Step.
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