Fault tolerance explained

Why is Fault Tolerance important?

Fault tolerance describes the ability of a system to recover from a fault. All equipment is subject to failure from time to time. Even the critical systems of a large passenger plane or the life support system in the intensive care department of a hospital can fail.

In such cases, it is critical that even after the failure of a component, the equipment continues to function as required. If it fails to do so, lives will be lost. Generally this resilience to failure or "Fault Tolerance" is achieved by having two copies of every component.  If one fails then the spare takes over. Unfortunately these types of systems are very complex and expensive.

Your computer systems at work are unlikely to be as critical as the navigation system on a 747. Never-the-less you will still be adversely affected by a failure. Selfix technology now makes affordable "Fault Tolerance" available to organisation's such as yours.

  1. Amazing reliability
Amazing Reliability .  A Selfix Server offers protection from all 16 things that can go wrong with a computer server. Normal, top-of-the-line servers protect against only 2 of these events. If you can not afford to have your servers go "down" you need Selfix with its robust architecture and advanced technology. We are aiming for 99.999% uptime.
  1. Quickest recovery
Speedy Recovery . A Selfix server can generally, fully recover (quickly and easily) from many faults that would incapacitate even the top of the line servers of major brands.
  1. Easiest recovery
Easy Recovery . Selfix servers can recover without the intervention of a technician. The process is so easy that you can do it yourself.  Just follow the pictures Step-by-Step.


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