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"July was a disaster...

Our computer systems were infected with a virus and we lost 3 days of productivity.  

Our average monthly costs are around $100,000 so those 3 days cost us $17,500. ($15,000 in overheads and $2,500 in direct consulting fees)"

Malcolm Jarinno. MD, Engineering Consultants

"Since the new server was delivered and installed we have not had any server problems. We cannot testify as to the Selfix Server's recovery capabilities because as yet we have not needed them.

The system looks impressive though and during the training we simulated the recovery process and were amazed at how quick and simple it was."

Malcolm Jarinno. MD, Engineering Consultants

"There has to be a better way.

Year to date, our computer servers have been down about 6 hours.  This means we have lost over $60,000 in turnover.  

We typically spend about $5,000 per annum in IT consulting fees to keep the servers running."

Joan Willows, Financial Controller, Wholesaler.

"We like our new Selfix Servers. We have not had any problems since we bought the servers.

Last month while most of our people were busy with a stock take we took the opportunity to practice the recovery process without the people from Selfix Servers being present. We simulated a fault with the primary server and simply switched it off at the power point. Within 10 minutes the entire network was up and running again on the backup server and our data was all there!

It was very simple. We are now confident that we won't lose access to our servers for any extended period. It is great technology."

Joan Willows, Financial Controller, Wholesaling.

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