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Which Selfix Server do I need?

Below is a summary list of some of the functional requirements that Selfix Servers where designed to address.  

To select the correct Selfix Server for your requirements, read through each of these items and identify the ones that appeal to your organization.  The middle column identifies the Selfix Server(s) that can fulfil the requirement. and the far right hand column provides a link to an additional information page.

Description of typical requirements Selfix File Server   
Our total expenses are around $100,000 per month.   This means that it costs us almost $5,000 per day when our server is down.  We want to ensure that hardware failure, system corruption and hard drive failure do not end up costing us a fortune. Selfix File Unstoppable
Some of our people would like to be able to work from home and still have access to our computer network like they do when at the office. Selfix File RAS
We have more than one office/site within the Metropolitan area.  We would like to connect our offices so that we can share databases and files as though we were all located in one building. Selfix File WAN
Is these some way our people can find the files they are looking for, quickly and easily?  Ideally we want it to be as easy as searching the Internet using a good search engine.  Currently we find our people re-doing work that is already on our network because they simply can not find the files when they need them. Selfix File Content Index Server
We find that several resource CDs that our people need access to, are often misplaced.  We want to make sure that  such CDs as well as software, printer drivers, etc. are always available to everyone on our network  Selfix File Software Library
We require a electronic bulletin board in our organization.  It used to be fine to print out the staff reference guide but we now have staff spread across multiple locations.  Also it is very hard to ensure that the printed guides are up to date. Selfix File Intranet
We would like our people to have access to the Key Performance Indicator reports we produce.  Is this possible without having to print out and duplicate many copies and then send them to everyone? Selfix File Intranet
We would like a system to manage our IT assets. Selfix File System Management
How do I recover from files deleted yesterday, a month ago, or even 11 months ago Selfix File Managed Backup
I want to a central database where people can find information easily and quickly, just like searching a Knowledge base on the web. Selfix File Local Information
I want to be able to easily add more users to my system and to remove users when they should no longer have access because they leave the company. Selfix File Web based management
Description of typical requirements Selfix Mail Server   
We want to easily be able to add more e-mail boxes to our mail system or remove them when they are no longer required. Selfix Mail Web based management
Is it possible to use the same email address I use while in the office when travelling interstate and internationally?  Currently I use a hotmail account when I am travelling but I don't think it is professional and it makes prospective clients worry that our organization is too small. Selfix Mail WebMail
We would like to send our clients / suppliers / associates large files that are too big to email. Selfix Mail FTP server
We would like the ability to securely connect to our network while travelling overseas on interstate without having to pay long distance phone calls.  Of course we only want authorised people to be able to do this.  Selfix Mail VPN-IPSEC
We would like the ability to securely connect to our overseas and interstate offices without having to pay long distance communication costs. Selfix Mail VPN-IPSEC
We would save money in time and materials if our staff could send a fax directly from their workstations without first printing a hard copy and then manually faxing it. Selfix Mail Fax
We receive many faxes, some of which are just "junk promotional faxes".  We want to be able to delete the junk faxes without wasting paper and toner/ink printing them out. Selfix Mail Fax
When our people are on the road we would like to be able to email them a copy of their faxes.  This will save us having to read out their faxes to them over the phone. Selfix Mail Fax
Sometimes our clients claim that they faxed us but we can not find the fax.  Is it possible to log every fax that is received and store a copy of it electronically so that we can eliminate lost fax sheets and problems with clients? Selfix Mail Fax
How do I keep contact with my employee / staff quickly when I am offsite without having to call them? Selfix Mail IM
How do I increase my internet speed and at the same cut internet usage? Selfix Mail Proxy
We want to be sure that we have taken all precautions against emails containing virus.  Last time we were infected it cost us a fortune in lost time and consulting fees. Selfix Mail E-mail anti virus
We thought we had implemented virus protection but we were infected anyway.  We want our e-mail anti virus protection to always be up-to-date. Selfix Mail E-mail anti virus
Description of typical requirements Mail OR Router  
We would like to be able to keep track of and check our internet usage.  We are currently receiving an Internet Access bill from our Internet Service Provider and they are claiming that we have overused our connection.  They charge us extra every month but we have no way of knowing if the bills are correct. Selfix Mail OR Selfix Router Internet Monitoring
We are worried that someone (a hacker) will get into our computer network and get access to confidential information or maliciously delete information that is on our systems.  We want to prevent this possibility. Selfix Mail OR Selfix Router Firewall
Description of typical requirements Selfix Router  
We would like to host a web site at one or more of our offices. Selfix Router DMZ
We have a Windows Terminal Server / Citrix Metaframe, that we would like our people to be able to access securely from anywhere with an Internet connection Selfix Router DMZ
Every time our Internet connection fails our operations grind to a standstill.  This is very expensive for us.  We want to ensure that our Internet connection is always available. Selfix Router Redundant Internet Connection


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