Remote Access Services (RAS)

This built-in service from Selfix File allows users to gain access to files and print services on the LAN from anywhere where they have access to a normal telephone and modem. For example, a user who dials into a network from home using an analog modem will dial into a remote access server. Once the user is authenticated he can access shared drives and printers as if he were physically connected to the office LAN.

RAS works with several major network protocols, including TCP/IP, IPX, and Netbeui. To use RAS from a remote node, you need a RAS client program, which is built into Windows.

If the user is situated at a location that would attract high phone call costs due to distance etc then Selfix Servers also offer the option of connecting through a secure, encrypted, internet connection.  ( VPN ). This service can also serve as a backup for VPN.

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